Street Style: London Punk - H&M Life

"This fall’s street style icons are tongue-in-cheek-chic. Their new take on punk style includes pastel colours and statement heels mixed with classic elements like piercings, studs and tartan checks. It may be the modern look of punk, but the streets remain the same: London is still the epicenter of anar-chic."

Love london and it’s fashion

sometimes it feels like a dream that i was there. For the first time in my life felt so free i fell in love with  this city i miss it more and more everyday one day i will be back but until then cheers London! see you again  soon

with words unspoken
A silent devotion
I know you know what I mean
And the end is unknown
But I think I’m ready
As long as you’re with me

"sometimes i fear i will never be truly understood"

"I don’t know why I fight it, clearly we are through"

amazing remix!!

"kindle my heart and shelter me with your love"